Welcome to the Sweet World of Cloud Candy Co!

Indulge in over 20 hand-blended flavors of our gourmet cotton candy, each spun fresh to order just for you. And guess what? It's 100% allergen-free! Our fluffy clouds are not just sweet treats; they're little enchantments designed to sprinkle magic into your day!

🌈 What's So Enchanting About Our Cotton Candy? 🌈
Our sweet clouds are born from the purest grade of granulated cane sugar, refined to perfection for that irresistibly fluffy and silky texture, every single time.

Each flavor is hand-blended with love, using only the finest natural ingredients. We're all about joy-food, not just another sugary indulgence!

Picture this: our candy fairies spinning cotton candy fresh by hand, infusing your gourmet experience with a sprinkle of pure magic.

✨ We Pledge to Serve Guilt-Free Artisanal Cotton Candy That's a Delight and a Surprise! ✨

Ours isn't just cotton candy; it's a flavor adventure waiting to happen. We promise, it'll be the best cotton candy you've ever had - a difference you can truly taste!

Meet the owners

From Alaska and Florida. They ended up in Washington and started their own business!

Chris has been entrepreneurial all his life, starting in elementary school where he sold candy to class mates.

After a decade of successful sales and marketing experience in everything from local small businesses to startups, he decided to finally start his own business.

Together, Rei and Chris hope to build a business that respects and cares for both its customers and workers. Eventually they hope to provide funding and support to the artistic community and the local community.

Get in Touch. We're Here to Help!

At Cloud Candy Co, your satisfaction is our top priority. We encourage you to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback, as our dedicated team is always eager to assist you. Whether you need help with product inquiries or simply want to share your experience with us, we're just a message away.

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